Enduro Test & Final Race 
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The Wild Woods Extreme is a new type of extreme race open to all riders who want to get closer to this world, valid as the 2nd round of the Extreme Enduro Italian Championship, a formula designed to make the bike go on the same day and be able to see the strongest drivers. The event is divided into two parts, in the morning with the PROLOGUE and from the afternoon until the evening with the final competitions


The PROLOGO is a real classic enduro race with a loop ride, 1 time control and 2 special Enduro Test tests, all to be repeated for 4 laps. From the absolute classification the starting order of the afternoon races and the viewing of the batteries will be drawn up.


The FINAL PHASE of the WILD WOODS EXTREME is a Cross Country race, a competition of duration where with the result of the PROLOGUE the first 30 riders will run the race of the TOP category while the remaining will make a separate race called NATIONAL.

With this system everyone can have fun and compete with riders of the same level, the race for the NATIONAL category, which will be the first to start, will last 1 hour and 30 minutes plus 1 lap and will develop on a more facilitated path to allow to everyone to enjoy the WILD WOODS EXTREME spirit.

The TOP category, on the other hand, will start at the end of the NATIONAL race, a 2-hour and 30-minute ride, the last part of the race at night, with a more difficult course, the HARD variants of the course will be opened and at that point it will be true extreme, the true WILD WOODS EXTREME.